Wizkids von Topps übernommen


Mal etwas für das Archiv.
Datum der News vom 2003.

Hier das Rundschreiben, das an alle Supporter rausging:

Hallo Supporter,

gestern hat die Firma "The Topps Company" die Firma "WizKids" erworben: http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/030623/nym185_1.html

Die wichtigste Info vorneweg: Es ändert sich an den bestehen Dingen nichts! Es ist eher das Gegenteil. Für WizKids heißt es, jetzt erst Recht die Nr. 1 auf dem weltweiten Fantasy- und Science-Fiction Spielemarkt zu werden.

Es folgt das offizielle Statement von Jordan Weisman an alle Supporter:

Dear WizKids Envoy,

As you may have heard, today Topps announced it is acquiring WizKids. Attached you’ll find the press release announcing the change. We’re sure this announcement gives rise to many questions. Here are a few answers.

• We have no plans to change the Venue or Envoy programs, other than those changes thathave been previously announced and are currently in process.

• We expect no changes in management or structure with the Topps deal. I’m still the boss. Everyone here still has a job. We’re not relocating the office. Really, we are planning no changes that will affect day-to-day business. You’ll still be working closely with Maya, James, Sean, Chris, Kevin, and the rest of the Community Development staff.

• We really believe that Topps will allow us to continue to build the WizKids brands,and that’s what we want, more people playing our games.

• Nothing we are working on should stop because of this deal. We’re starting our summer push right now, and this should not be a distraction. No men in sunglasses are showing up tomorrow to clean out the filing cabinets.

• Bottom Line – great games as usual

If you any other questions, please feel free to contact us. Really there isn’t much to report, as we are making no changes to our day-to-day operations, although spearmint is out and Bazooka Joe is in.

I just want to close by saying how much we appreciate all your work on behalf of WizKids. We LOVE making games! Because of you, millions of people get to play our games. We’d be half the company we are today, if it weren’t for all the demos, tournaments, and events you have hosted for us since WizKids got started.

When you stop and think about it, it’s incredible how far we’ve come and how fast. We recruited our first envoys when Ray and I were doing demos at GenCon with a handful of figures we’d gotten just in time for the show. That was less than 3 years ago. Wow! Today there are Envoys around the world having a lot of fun teaching and leading WizKids games.

Nothing in the deal announced today changes that. This isn’t the end of WizKids, nor will there be a change in the high regard we have for our Envoys. Today’s deal is one stop on the long journey to making WizKids the #1 game company in the world. We will continue to count on you to carry the WizKids flag, and we’ll work hard to make sure you enjoy doing it.

Thank you for all your support and for having as much fun playing our games as we have creating them.

May you never roll snake eyes –

Jordan Weisman
Founder and CEO

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